About Us

Bahrain Technology (BTECH)

BTECH, Bahrain Technology Companies Society, is a non profit entity that was established in 2012, with the aim of contributing to the ICT industry in Bahrain through various programs, plans and partnerships. As part of the country’s vision to improve its economic efficiency, we strive to fully elevate the statuesque of the sector, and bring ICT companies in Bahrain to a competing level with their regional and international competitors.

The Bahrain Technology Companies Society is keen to play an active role in the development of the information technology sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, whereas BTECH aims to support the different sizes of IT companies in Bahrain. This is initiative is implemented to walk toward implementing Kingdom’s vision of 2030.


Steering the ICT sector to a higher level by achieving a technologically matured society which can drive and challenge the companies to reach the highest performance and standards locally regionally and internationally.


Address the importance of ICT as the major contributor to Bahrain’s national economy by building a productive relationship among ICT companies

Start-up Support

BTECH has found its way of supporting the IT companies all the way from large companies to startups. Bahrain Technology Companies Society has shown its support by gathering Bahrain’s IT startup companies by offering them a chance to take their products and services to different countries and give them the opportunity to compete on an international level. This initiative will help the Bahrani startups to get more knowledge and get more experience on how to develop this product and services. This will help the new generation of IT companies to take the lead on the future of IT in the Kingdom of Bahrain.