BTECH strives to ensure you the best value for your engagement and have benefits for your membership:

  • You will be at the Best platform to grow your business through BTECH’s partnership with Tamkeen.
  • We will help you to Identify new opportunities to develop your business.
  • We will work hand in hand to enhance the development of Bahrain’s Economy and contribute to the community.
  • You will be able to utilize resources and contacts to enhance your business through BTECH’s various partnerships, agreements, and working relationships.
  • You will be provided with trainings and development programs Develop your resources and build your capacity.
  • You will highly explore local, regional, and international events, and we will provide you exclusive discounts on participating in these events, training courses and workshops initiated by BTECH.
  • You will be given the priority in marketing and promotion in events and activities.
  • You will Be included in the list of Bahrain ICT Directory as well as on the BTECH Website.
  • You will Join the decision making and influence group that is responsible for devising policies and strategies